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FAST 15 Challenge

Our Quarterly Group Cleanse in a full coaching challenge format.


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Lose 15 lbs in our 30 Day Challenge with our 24x7 support and daily coaching call including all the resources you need to use The Master Cleanse and other FASTS to trigger rapid weight loss and stimualate your body into natural healing modes.

Master Cleanse FAST 15 Challenge Includes

What our Cleanse Masters Say

Day 3 ~ Feeling really great! Hope everyone is doing great too :D This is my third time doing the master cleanse and this one by far is the easiest and smoothest so far ! A shout out to Jovanka for some great coaching! So inspiring and helpful

I just finished the 10 master cleanse and lost 17lbs.. I followed the advise to drink the mixture before getting hungry is great advice because once your body starts to react you can have a craving for food. It does work and help you resist the normal and bad eating habits..

Day 7 for me, yeah babyyy! I lost 13lbs so far. This is my second time and I couldn’t have made a better decision than this. The first time I did the Master Cleanse, my cousins and I decided to do it collectively back in 2003…what an experience that was! We were very supportive of each other and managed to stick it out to the end. This go round, I’m doing it independently, a little bit more challenging, but I’m pushing through. Every day when I look in the mirror I can see my inches melting right off the handles. I’m a living testament that the 4 ingredients combined can do wonders.